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Colorado Passes ATAP-Supported PBM Bill, Now Headed to Governor

ATAP is once again pleased to report that Colorado passed a bill (HB 1284) last week aimed at regulating PBMs, the latest in the growing movement sweeping across the nation.  ATAP sent a letter to Committee Members in both the House and Senate urging them to support HB 1284 and vote in favor of it.  The bill now heads to Governor Hickenlooper for his signature.

HB 1284 prohibits PBMs from requiring pharmacies to charge or collect a copayment at the point of sale that exceeds the total submitted charges by the network pharmacy. Moreover, the bill takes aim at gag clauses that restrict pharmacists from conveying cost information to customers, prohibiting PBMs from including in their contracts with pharmacies any provision that would restrict a pharmacist from providing information to patients on the cost share amount for their prescriptions and the clinical efficacy of any more affordable alternative drugs that are therapeutically equivalent.

ATAP would like to thank the Colorado General Assembly for the swift passage of HB 1284, which will provide added accountability for PBMs operating in Colorado and will go a long way in bringing about a level of transparency to the PBM industry.  We strongly encourage Governor Hickenlooper to sign this much needed legislation in to law.  ATAP encourages all Colorado residents to contact the Governor’s office by phone at (303) 866-2471 or by email and express your support as well.

As always, ATAP will continue to monitor and support HB 1284 as it is considered by the Governor.  To check the status of this bill and other PBM related bills around the country, follow ATAP on twitter (@ATAPAdvocates) and continue to check the ATAP website.  Please contact ATAP staff if you would like more information.