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ATAP Applauds New PBM Legislation in Arizona

ATAP is pleased to report that an Arizona bill aimed at regulating PBMs was passed through the legislature unanimously, and was signed into law by Governor Ducey on April 5.

Arizona HB 2107 prohibits a PBM from restricting a pharmacist from providing information regarding the amount of patients’ cost share and the clinical efficacy of an available alternative. It also prohibits a PBM from requiring a pharmacy to charge or collect a copayment amount that exceeds the total submitted charges by the network pharmacy.

ATAP applauds Representative Syms for leading HB 2107 through the legislature, and wishes to thank Gov. Ducey for standing up for Arizona patients and signing this bill into law.

As always, ATAP will continue to monitor and support PBM related bills around the country.  To check the status of these bills, follow ATAP on twitter and continue to check the ATAP website.  Please contact ATAP staff ATAP staff if you would like more information on legislation or ATAP efforts in general.