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Two Organizations Join Alliance for Transparent & Affordable Prescriptions


Two Organizations Join Alliance for Transparent & Affordable Prescriptions

New Members Will Shine Light on Opaque Practices of PBMs

WASHINGTON, DC – September 29, 2017 – Today, the North Carolina Rheumatology Association (NCRA) and the U.S. Pain Foundation became the newest members of the Alliance for Transparent & Affordable Prescriptions (ATAP), a coalition of provider and patient groups concerned about the practices of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) driving up drug costs.  

“The North Carolina Rheumatology Association recognizes the importance of effective advocacy towards transparent and more affordable drugs and is excited to join forces with like-minded responsible organizations within the ATAP alliance,” said Dr. Firas Kassab, President of NCRA. “It is vital that the role of PBMs in driving up the cost of drugs while making enormous profits, thanks to their central position in the supply chain, is exposed both to the public and to state and federal policymakers.”

PBMs were created to control drug costs by acting as middlemen between insurers, manufacturers, and pharmacies. Unfortunately, today they often absorb the rebates and discounts they negotiate without passing any savings onto patients. These practices prevent patients from accessing affordable treatments. ATAP was formed to educate about PBMs and advocate for more transparency in the drug pricing system.

“U.S. Pain Foundation understands that it is important to control health care costs, but we also believe it should not be at the expense of the patients’ health,” said Shaina Smith, Director of State Advocacy and Alliance Development at the U.S. Pain Foundation. “We see this partnership as another positive step towards educating patients and advocates about the role PBMs play in determining their treatment plan and access to care.”

In addition to the two newest members, current ATAP members include the Coalition of State Rheumatology Organizations, Global Healthy Living Foundation, American College of Rheumatology, Florida Society of Rheumatology, New York State Rheumatology Society, California Rheumatology Alliance, Rheumatology Nurses Society, National Organization of Rheumatology Managers, Association of Women in Rheumatology, and American Association of Clinical Urologists.

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