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State Advocacy - Florida HB 351

ATAP Applauds Florida Legislature for Passing PBM Bill

ATAP is pleased to report that a Florida bill aimed at regulating PBMs has passed unanimously through the House and Senate and now heads to Governor Rick Scott. 

HB 351 requires PBMs conducting business in Florida to register with the Office of Insurance Regulation and would impose additional requirements on MAC (maximum allowable cost) Lists, which are used to determine the amount a PBM reimburses a pharmacy in its network for dispensing generic drugs. The bill also takes aim at gag clauses by requiring pharmacists to inform their customers if there is a lower cost alternative to their prescription available and whether their cost-sharing obligation exceeds the retail price of their prescription if they are not using their insurance. 

“Floridians deserve the ability to know when they can pay less for a drug that they need, and this legislation is a major victory for patients by removing the gag order that prevented them from saving money on prescription medications to treat their health needs,” said Dr. Robert Levin, ATAP Chair.  “With this legislation, we are essentially lifting the curtain on a complex and costly process where pharmacy benefit managers were in the driver’s seat making treatment decisions and profiting at the expense of patients.”

ATAP wishes to thank both the Florida House and Senate for putting patients first and passing HB 351.  We strongly urge Governor Scott to sign this much needed legislation into law, and encourage everyone in Florida to contact the Governor’s office by phone at (850) 488-7146 or by email.

As always, ATAP will continue to monitor HB 351 as it awaits signature from the Governor. For updates on this bill or other PBM reform bills throughout the country, please check the ATAP website. If you have additional questions or would like more information on this legislation, please contact ATAP staff.